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08-10 May 2009, Thessaloniki (Greece)

08-10 May 2009, Thessaloniki (Greece)

skg09flyer - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

It seems like our local orga in Greece is coming up with a very impressive spot and program including an expo, Breakdance-Battles and much more. Live2store presents to you, for the fifth time in a row, the most important graffiti festival in Greece!

The spot is located next to a school-yard in the municipality of Neapoli and has 6 different walls spread among a cultural building and the school. Beside the painting of the buildings there will be skate-ramps, music, an exhibition of canvases plus the greek Battle-Of-The-Year 2009. MOS – fresher and different from all the previous years in many ways. Meeting point will be the Cultural Youth Center of Municipality of Neapoli, on the contribution of Zakka and Didimotichou streets. For this year 6 different surfaces (buildings) where choosen to be painted with main topic around ecology and the environment. Six different teams of each 8 to 10 artists will paint every part of the walls.

skg09flyer - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & GraffitiThis year’s lineup is smaller in the perspective of quantity but stronger on quality by all means: Macs and Etnik from Italy will visit Saloniki for the first time along with 3Steps crew representing Germany. Naste, Esteo, Erase and Arsek from Bulgaria will complete the guests team.

The group will be completed with the Greek lineup, 65 of its finest writers will join their forces with the foreign guests. Program: In the 8th of May, Meeting of Styles and Battle of The Year warm up parties will light up our moods at EightBall bar(Ladadika area), right in the heart of the old part of Thessaloniki. Inside the Cultural Youth Center of Neapoli, a canvas exhibition will take place on Monday the 4th until Thursday 14th of May. This expo is a new feature of the MOS – the Meeting of Styles Art Gallery.

50 artists will decorate the gallery with their works of art. On the opening day (Monday the 4th ) of the exhibition and at 20:30 am, the art gallery will welcome all of you under Kid Stretch’s grooving beats. On Saturday 9th of May, Graffiti menu will feed all eyes that will smartly attend the meeting spot, with the live performance of all artist and the painting of the 6 different surfaces, dj’s, b-boys, bmx and skate riders surface-6-part-of-building.jpg

Graffiti starts about 11:00am. at the same time well known Hip Hop dj’s will color the atmosphere with beats and skills while Micro Xtreme will provide bmx and skate ramps for a thrilling contest.

All will take scene at the school yard in front of the buildings. Saturday night will be as tight as possible, with the world’s biggest break dance battle ever, the Balkanian Battle Of The Year 2009 at the indoors Gymnastics arena of Katsanio stadium. The final touches on the graffiti mural will take place on Sunday the 10th of May – time to chill and hang out.

On The Walls:

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Italy : Macs, Etnik, Skolp, Meth F-Lines. Germany: 3Steps. Bulgaria: Naste, Esteo, Erase, Arsek.Greece :Live2, Mavridis, Apset, Lue, Rino, Sake, Tam, Wher, Erz, Toulis, Saco, Janse, Ahone, Jsone, Speg, Dask, Artemis, Dante, Smartie, Dwayne, Noone, China, Krase, Maze, Setor, Golden Becks, Nade, Naster, Jorz, Ser, Zone, T098, Kazar, Swet, Srbe, Diker, Karma, Siemor, Zest, Super, Voice, Think, Doem, Ozone, Ners, Jamer, Krast, Zaks, Merlin, Zek, Macs, Etnik, Esteo, Naste, Erase, Arsek, Siveone, Nova, Mr Flash, Τοίχος 6ο (walls 6), Rtm, Wake, Amok, Rasl, Spike, Risk, Siveone, Dais, Inva, Onare, Ionas, Shuen, Daver, Dinoz.

MOS Greece / Live2Store interview

Bombing Science: Since when the MOS event is presented in Thessaloniki? How many writers have painted in past years to these events?Live2Store: MOS was first presented in Greece in 2004. Live2store is the official organizer since 2005. About 300 writers painted at MOS in Greece (both local and international writers), in a friendly environment, presenting their own personal style. [Read more →]

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