“Your Walls Shackle Our Hands” by Exist from Lebanon


“Your Walls Shackle Our Hands”
The Arabic letters on this design can be translated as “Your Walls Shackle Our Hands’, a phrase that originates from the Palestinian poet Abdel Rahman Jasem. “During the first month of the Lebanese revolution the mixed emotions and sudden tension was destructive to my creativity, until I realized that the revolution that has been taking place inside of me was taking a biggerleap. This artwork is a reminder to face our struggles and stay proud of what keeps us fighting, keeps us moving forward. A reminder that we are all here in the same boat. “Wearing a t-shirt is more than a fashion statement, it’s a representation of what we stand for. We are all carrying the weight, guilt and responsibility, so let’s not be neglectful” Exist

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the artist evolves based on the determination to decrease societal deviation towards distraction. Revealing uniqueness through art is the vehement attempt to make oneself feel alive.

Exist is a Lebanese graffiti artist who uses public space as a medium to interact and influence. He started experimenting with Arabic graffiti letters, after he adbeen painting traditional Latin lettered graffiti for a couple of years. Merging distinct techniques and different approaches to produce expressive visuals that rely on true feelings, every artwork is a chance to share another human experience. Practicing his craft at a time when ignorance is a threat to the natural purpose of expression.

Instagram: exist_ai

Screen printing process
Fair Wear Shirt, GOTS and VEGAN
Organic cotton, 150 GSM
washable at 40 degrees (recommended 30 degrees, inside out)

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