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Corona-virus and Meeting of Styles


Corona-virus and Meeting of Styles

Meeting of Styles & Corona!

By now we have all been affected by the Corona virus in one way or another – If you are trying to find out what to make of it, you are not alone. Everywhere in the world, governments are announcing new policies to keep it from escalating – and so are we.
We are a team of proud organizers rooted in 24 years of spray can tradition. It takes extraordinary circumstances for us to change our events. In regard to this current epidemic and situation the world finds itself in now, we have decided to take the following few but important precautions:
• National organizers are asked to follow the guidelines from local authorities, making the right decisions for their local area.
• National organizers are asked to make announcements as early as possible, to respect artist and visitor plans.
You will likely experience an unusual amount of uncertainty this year. For this we deeply apologize and hope for your understanding!
We do realize that changes in the program will be impractical and may be disappointing. However, the extent and severity of this uncertainty is impossible to fully see at this point. We trust our national organizers to make the important decisions needed these following months – And give them our full support in keeping the artists, volunteers and guests safe.
Despite the current situation some of the organizations will be able to proceed organizing the events as planned – In hope that the situation will be solved in the summertime or at least be better. When booking flights, check out the conditions of your airline. Many of the major companies offer free rebookings, where it’s possible to change your ticket for a later time of the year.
We encourage all to follow the travel situation closely, follow the guidelines provided by your local authorities and take the necessary precautions to help stop the spread. Look out for news on the national organizers’ social media pages.
Blessings and much love from your Meeting of Styles Global-team

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