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06-09 JULY 2022, LISBON (PORTUGAL) – Warm up!


06-09 JULY 2022, LISBON (PORTUGAL) – Warm up!

Meeting of Styles Lisbon Warm Up edition, was at Calçada da Glória in the center of old Lisbon. On this steep spot passes an historical tram, and painting here is already historical too. Heavily painted spot with unique environment dripping with creativity and connection with Lisbon graffiti and street art scene history.

The MOS Lisbon Warm Up edition was a short version of the full event. It will be parallel to the Urban Creativity Conference (internationally recognised as THE reference for graffiti and researchers worldwide) counting more than 50 speakers from 20 countries. The common concept for the conference and MOS Lisbon Warm Up is: Liminal – state of in betweenness.

Link for the map here.

The main train station, the venue of the conference all will be 5 min walking distance from the walls, thus we expect the biggest result from this combination of practice and knowledge sharing on Lisbon’s city center unique setting.

The MOS Lisbon Warm Up is: Liminal, is a project from Meeting of Styles Portugal, AP2, YYCS and have the support from Lisbon City Council / GAU, and Faculty of Fine Arts / CIEBA.


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Note: The Meeting of Styles Lisbon – Warm Up is not yet the Main Portugal Meeting of Styles, which should take place in August 2022 in Lisbon, with Dates and Locations to be announced shortly after release and confirmation with Lisbon City Council. Stay tuned for more news here! Thanks.

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