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TAG-Colors & Meeting of Styles Joining Forces!

TAG-Colors & Meeting of Styles Joining Forces!

AVAILABLE ALL OVER EUROPE AT MEETING OF STYLES! Connect us, if you are interested in being part of the upcoming worldwide distribution network! TAG Colors, completely made in Italy, is the result of the most advanced technological researches in the field of spray painting, made in collaboration with the best international graffiti writers and conceived only for graffiti and urban art. Due to its characteristics, TAG Colors is the synthesis of the needs of a writer, a mix of high and low pressure, that provides the spray with maximum control, cleanliness, and fluidity. Thanks to its valve that allows an extreme modulation of the stroke, with just the pressure play, you can manage the stretch from the wide lines to those only few millimeters thin, with an incredible precision and speed. The exclusive formula of Tag colors, unique in its kind, boasts a very high coverage with very fast drying times, avoiding any type of pouring even in the most extreme conditions and on any type of surface. The color range includes 96 colors with a matte finish that includes 3 fluorescent, 2 transparent, and a metallized one, with excellent color rendering and color liveliness, resulting from years of research and experience in the field of spray paints. All this makes TAG Colors the revolution in the world of graffiti, a tool that allows you to overcome your limits and give vent to your creativity, SHOW YOUR SKILLS!

TAG Colors is the least polluting spray on the market for both humans and the environment. Its formula does not contain heavy metals, lead-based pigments or hexavalent chromium believed to be dangerous to health. The solvent used is acetone, less harmful than the solvents employed by other brands on the market, and compliant with the strictest European and American regulations, since it allows a content in volatile compounds in the environment (VOC) much lower than the established limits. The gas contained does not attack the atmospheric ozone and the materials used to make the spray are 100% recyclable.


Ambro-Sol is a company specialized in the production and bottling of chemical products and aerosols, born from the historical aerosol manufacturing
company Gnocchi Eco Spray founded in the sixties.
The 90,000 sq ft (8.000 m2) warehouse built on 3.5 acres (14.000 m2) of land is located in Cigole (Brescia province) and it is considered one of the most advanced in the European aerosol industry in terms of both technology and safety.

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Proudly made in Italy, Ambro-Sol products are safe and innovative. The following features have contributed to the company’s success: qualitative and technological development, the best quality-price ratio, prompt delivery, professional and efficient customer assistance. Combined, these features guarantee our customers the most productive products on the national and international market.

In July 2017 the company obtained the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and developed an alternative method to the hot bath aerosol can control in agreement with the European Aerosol Federation FEA. The company is also obtaining ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications.

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