TAG Colors


TAG Colors from Italy is the result of the most advanced technological research in the field of spray painting, carried out in collaboration with the best international graffiti writers and designed only for graffiti and urban art.

96 colors
400ml per can
Origin: Italy
Producer: Ambro Sol

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Quantity Discount Quantity Price
Tier 1 1 - 36 3.40
Tier 2 37 - 72 3.30
Tier 3 73 - 144 3.20
Tier 4 145 + 3.10
Product Price Quantity
G400 A001 Black Hole 3.40
G400 A002 Pegasus White 3.40
G400 A003 Dune Yellow 3.40
G400 A004 Zodiac Yellow 3.40
G400 A005 Saiyan Yellow 3.40
G400 A006 Comet Yellow 3.40
G400 A007 Armstrong Yellow 3.40
G400 A008 Moonwalk Yellow 3.40
G400 A009 Taurus Brown 3.40
G400 A011 Harlock Brown 3.40
G400 A012 Aries Brown 3.40
G400 A013 Apollo Brown 3.40
G400 A014 Hercules Brown 3.40
G400 A015 Venus Brown 3.40
G400 A016 Alien Green 3.40
G400 A017 Shenron Green 3.40
G400 A018 Namek Green 3.40
G400 A019 Necron Green 3.40
G400 A020 Skywalker Green 3.40
G400 A021 Radiant Green 3.40
G400 A022 Draconian Green 3.40
G400 A023 Halo Green 3.40
G400 A024 Reptilian Green 3.40
G400 A025 Anunnaki Green 3.40
G400 A026 Yoda Green 3.40
G400 A027 Triton Green 3.40
G400 A028 Element Green 3.40
G400 A029 Libra Green 3.40
G400 A030 Atlas Green 3.40
G400 A031 Syrio Green 3.40
G400 A032 Uranus Green 3.40
G400 A033 Planet Express Green 3.40
G400 A034 Intergalactic Blue 3.40
G400 A035 Avatar Blue 3.40
G400 A036 Neptune Blue 3.40
G400 A037 Stargate Blue 3.40
G400 A038 Aquarius Blue 3.40
G400 A039 Crystal Blue 3.40
G400 A040 Space Blue 3.40
G400 A041 Earth Blue 3.40
G400 A042 Hokuto Blue 3.40
G400 A043 Quasar Blue 3.40
G400 A044 Mercury Blue 3.40
G400 A045 Atmosphere Blue 3.40
G400 A046 Galaxy Violet 3.40
G400 A047 Invasion Violet 3.40
G400 A048 Freezer Violet 3.40
G400 A049 Ophelia Violet 3.40
G400 A050 Thanos Violet 3.40
G400 A051 Orbit Violet 3.40
G400 A052 Dark Matter Violet 3.40
G400 A053 Nebula Violet 3.40
G400 A054 Outerspace Violet 3.40
G400 A055 Pulsar Violet 3.40
G400 A056 Halley Violet 3.40
G400 A057 Kaioshin Violet 3.40
G400 A058 Orion Red 3.40
G400 A059 Perseus Red 3.40
G400 A060 Chaos Red 3.40
G400 A061 Andromeda Magenta 3.40
G400 A062 Ganymede Pink 3.40
G400 A063 Bellatrix Pink 3.40
G400 A064 Callisto Red 3.40
G400 A065 Gamma Ray Red 3.40
G400 A066 Gundam Red 3.40
G400 A067 Cassiopeia Pink 3.40
G400 A068 Gemini Pink 3.40
G400 A069 Majin Pink 3.40
G400 A070 Sagittarius Red 3.40
G400 A071 Pandora Red 3.40
G400 A072 Nuclear Red 3.40
G400 A073 Phoenix Red 3.40
G400 A074 Big Bang Orange 3.40
G400 A075 Jupiter Orange 3.40
G400 A076 Scorpio Orange 3.40
G400 A077 Martian Orange 3.40
G400 A078 Rocket Man Orange 3.40
G400 A079 Solar Yellow 3.40
G400 A080 Twilight Yellow 3.40
G400 A081 Saturn Yellow 3.40
G400 A082 Darth Grey 3.40
G400 A083 Asteroide Grey 3.40
G400 A084 Star Ship Grey 3.40
G400 A085 Ufo Grey 3.40
G400 A086 Satellite Grey 3.40
G400 A087 Stormtrooper Grey 3.40
G400 A088 Virgo Pink 3.40
G400 A089 Astro Boy Pink 3.40
G400 A090 Alpha Centauri Pink 3.40
G400 B001 Silver Surfer 3.40
G400 B002 Alpha Fluo Fuxia 3.40
G400 B003 Beta Fluo Orange 3.40
G400 B004 Kryptonian Fluo Green 3.40
G400 B005 Transparent Black 3.40
G400 B006 Transparent White 3.40


TAG Colors from Italy is the result of the most advanced technological research in the field of spray painting, carried out in collaboration with the best international graffiti writers and designed only for graffiti and urban art. TAG Colors is the synthesis of the needs of a writer and artist, a mixture of high and low pressure that gives the spray maximum control, cleanliness and fluidity. The valve enables lines that are as thin as a few millimeters to be managed with incredible precision and speed. The exclusive formula offers very high coverage, very fast drying times and avoids snotty noses, even under the most extreme conditions and on any type of surface. The color spectrum includes 96 colors with a matt finish, including 3 fluorescent, 2 transparent and chrome. Excellent color rendering and vividness of the colors, which result from years of research and experience in the field of spray paints. All of this makes TAG Colors a revolution in the world of graffiti, a tool that overcomes boundaries. Let your creativity run wild and SHOW YOUR SKILLS!

TAG Colors is the least polluting spray on the market for both humans and the environment. Its formula does not contain heavy metals, lead-based pigments or hexavalent chromium believed to be dangerous to health. The solvent used is acetone, less harmful than the solvents employed by other brands on the market, and compliant with the strictest European and American regulations, since it allows a content in volatile compounds in the environment (VOC) much lower than the established limits. The gas contained does not attack the atmospheric ozone and the materials used to make the spray are 100% recyclable.

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Weight 0.42 kg
Spray Color

G400 A001 Black Hole, G400 A002 Pegasus White, G400 A003 Dune Yellow, G400 A004 Zodiac Yellow, G400 A005 Saiyan Yellow, G400 A006 Comet Yellow, G400 A007 Armstrong Yellow, G400 A008 Moonwalk Yellow, G400 A009 Taurus Brown, G400 A011 Harlock Brown, G400 A012 Aries Brown, G400 A013 Apollo Brown, G400 A014 Hercules Brown, G400 A015 Venus Brown, G400 A016 Alien Green, G400 A017 Shenron Green, G400 A018 Namek Green, G400 A019 Necron Green, G400 A020 Skywalker Green, G400 A021 Radiant Green, G400 A022 Draconian Green, G400 A023 Halo Green, G400 A024 Reptilian Green, G400 A025 Anunnaki Green, G400 A026 Yoda Green, G400 A027 Triton Green, G400 A028 Element Green, G400 A029 Libra Green, G400 A030 Atlas Green, G400 A031 Syrio Green, G400 A032 Uranus Green, G400 A033 Planet Express Green, G400 A034 Intergalactic Blue, G400 A035 Avatar Blue, G400 A036 Neptune Blue, G400 A037 Stargate Blue, G400 A038 Aquarius Blue, G400 A039 Crystal Blue, G400 A040 Space Blue, G400 A041 Earth Blue, G400 A042 Hokuto Blue, G400 A043 Quasar Blue, G400 A044 Mercury Blue, G400 A045 Atmosphere Blue, G400 A046 Galaxy Violet, G400 A047 Invasion Violet, G400 A048 Freezer Violet, G400 A049 Ophelia Violet, G400 A050 Thanos Violet, G400 A051 Orbit Violet, G400 A052 Dark Matter Violet, G400 A053 Nebula Violet, G400 A054 Outerspace Violet, G400 A055 Pulsar Violet, G400 A056 Halley Violet, G400 A057 Kaioshin Violet, G400 A058 Orion Red, G400 A059 Perseus Red, G400 A060 Chaos Red, G400 A061 Andromeda Magenta, G400 A062 Ganymede Pink, G400 A063 Bellatrix Pink, G400 A064 Callisto Red, G400 A065 Gamma Ray Red, G400 A066 Gundam Red, G400 A067 Cassiopeia Pink, G400 A068 Gemini Pink, G400 A069 Majin Pink, G400 A070 Sagittarius Red, G400 A071 Pandora Red, G400 A072 Nuclear Red, G400 A073 Phoenix Red, G400 A074 Big Bang Orange, G400 A075 Jupiter Orange, G400 A076 Scorpio Orange, G400 A077 Martian Orange, G400 A078 Rocket Man Orange, G400 A079 Solar Yellow, G400 A080 Twilight Yellow, G400 A081 Saturn Yellow, G400 A082 Darth Grey, G400 A083 Asteroide Grey, G400 A084 Star Ship Grey, G400 A085 Ufo Grey, G400 A086 Satellite Grey, G400 A087 Stormtrooper Grey, G400 A088 Virgo Pink, G400 A089 Astro Boy Pink, G400 A090 Alpha Centauri Pink, G400 B001 Silver Surfer, G400 B002 Alpha Fluo Fuxia, G400 B003 Beta Fluo Orange, G400 B004 Kryptonian Fluo Green, G400 B005 Transparent Black, G400 B006 Transparent White