“Bravest Kids” by Spaz Uno from Lebanon


Bravest Kids
“Project David is a great approach to reflect the one idea we all fight for: Peace and justice for the people. During our daily battles there is a lot of frustration – and what keeps us going is hope. The hope of brave David to conquer his persecutor. With project David we create a different way to shed the light on truth, self-awareness, and self-evolution. I am happy to contribute the logo design of Project David to the greater cause” Raydan

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Raydan is living in Beirut and was also born in Lebanon, a country currently torn from corruption, street battles, poverty and despair. How can a young artist be able to survive this kind of a situation mentally? Art cannot repair or rebuild anything that has been broken inside the human mind. It only serves as a ray of light within the darkness of human madness, it serves your own sanity. Raydan chose his graffiti name “Spaz” referring to a state ofloss of mental and physical control, a spasm. Every person can fall into such a state, depending on the circumstances in which they find themselves. In showing our own spasm, we are holding a light for our fellows – a reflection of what makes us humans.

Instagram: spazuno

Screen printing process
Fair Wear Shirt, GOTS and VEGAN
Organic cotton, 150 GSM
washable at 40 degrees (recommended 30 degrees, inside out)

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