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MArte Europe Festival Calls For Artists!


MArte Europe Festival Calls For Artists!

In the time of increasing popularism, fake news and segregation the importance of unifying actions and festivals can not be appreciated high enough. Therefore Meeting of Styles supports the aim of MArte Festival – supporting the netting and  coninueing to build Europe! MArteLive is an international contest and festival for young and emerging artists supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. We are about the change the future of art. Are you ready?

Born after the 20 years experience of MArteLive festival in Italy, organized by ProCult, this first European edition takes place in collaboration with Tuzla Live (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Kintai Arts (Lithuania) and Artnova (Poland). MArteLive Europe combines online, live streaming and physical events, for an unique journey that lasts one year long, celebrating Art, Music and Culture in any form.

MArteLive Europe supports and nurtures young and emerging artists and promotes inclusiveness and diversity. The contest is open to every citizen and/or european resident between 18 and 35 years old. Artists will be evaluated by qualified juries and audience, both in online and live events. MArteLive Europe is a lifetime opportunityto gain international exposure, live the unforgettable experience of an Art Residency, get in touch with high profile professionals and win great prizes, featuring and collaborations.

Are you a European citizen and/or resident?
Are you between 18 and 35 years old ?
Are you an artist in one of our 16 artistic disciplines ?
Don’t miss this lifetime opportunity !

Gain international exposure, network with fellow artists and high profile professionals, live the unforgettable experience of an Art Residency and win prizes, featuring and collaborations.

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MArteLive Europe follows these steps:
Online and Livestream Auditions (April 14-18, May 26-30, June 6-12, 2021)
Semifinal Shows in Lithuania (Vilnius, May, 2021), Poland (Krakow, June 19, 2021), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Tuzla, July, 2021)
Final Show in Rome, Italy (December 7-9, 2021)
Are you ready to take this unforgettable journey?

Check out all details!
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