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27-29 August 2021, Wiesbaden (Germany) – Prelude

27-29 August 2021, Wiesbaden (Germany) – Prelude

Meeting of Styles meets CoronArts Festival at the famous Schlachthof Grounds, the original birthplace of MOS. Back in the late 90´s this abandonned area was the birthplace of the legendary Wall-Street-Meeting which brought hundreds of Graffiti-Artists and Writers together to meet, chill and paint.

During the first wave of this crazy pandemic the Schlachthof association came up with the idea to secure funds to realise a festival in the cultural park, when the covid-sitution is about to ease. In a positive state of mind, the new festival was scheduled for late june hoping that it will be possible to realise open-air-events.


After the original walls were demolished early 2000 the vision of a cultural park was created and demanded by young and engaged people organised in a group of interest called “Schlachthof für die Jugend”. It took more than a generation, but finally after changes in local politics, the cultural park got realised step by step in the past ten years. The place to be: the freshly built Graffiti Gallery and some more walls around.

Part of this festival will be the recreation of the facade of the Kontext Center neary-by.

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