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DirtySix TGL from Lille in France: “I am really happy to participate at this great event!”



I have been drawing since I was a kid and did my first Graffiti in 1996. Since then I never stopped. I started with lettering first and now I’m specialized in painting characters.

I wanted to be part of the MOS adventure because of the “Meeting of Styles”murals i’ve seen since i was a kid. I am really happy to participate at this great event and hope to make a maximum of connections with painters from other countries.

My inspirations come from cinema, comics and life. As an artist I quote Moebius or Katsuhiro, Otomo and many Graffiti artists. I also like classic painters like Caravaggio and others.

One of my painting dreams is I to paint in Japan! Before Corona I had a project to go back to California to paint with my crew and to visit South America. Let see what happen in the future.

Street art and new tendencies like big scale muralismo are a good thing for everybody: artists, inhabitants and municipalities. Especially in gray landscapes like where I live!

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Connections, sharing, increasing Level and technique is what I love about Graf. But the most important is to have fun! Most annoying thing of present time for me is to see people so divided.

No more words, just paint!

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